Hello Again!

Hi there folks.. Its been a while!

Quite honestly, I lost my path through the woods there for a few years and wandered off into the mist.. I finally found my way back and am overjoyed to be playing some shows again for 2024 in the UK, Europe and beyond!

Expect theĀ  One Man stomping world/blues/rock explosion with a few new tricks up my sleeve I found out there in the wildereness…

It is my great pleasure to announce I am again working with the most excellent Mr Koen Stynen at Quiet Crowd in Belgium, representing me across Europe.. Great to be working with you again mate!

Heres the Grand Finale of my 2 hour set at The Magic Garden Pub in London from November ’23… It sold out and went off!!!

Thanks for having me back and see you soon beautiful humans!!!

Jamming with the Shaman

Drums, guitar and shamanic activity – Jane, Rob and John Fairhurst

Dear Humans. It is a pleasure to have you bear witness this entirely improvised experience of dance and music. Visualised by our mother, Jane Fairhurst for her 2022 Exhibition Magical Threads, this happening brought my brother Rob and I together as musicians for the first time in our adult lives and has led onto a close musical partnership over the last few very strange and difficult years.. It is with great pleasure that we as a family bring you this unfettered exploration of our music, dance, art, personal and mutual freedom and our shared philosophies of life. We hope you enjoy joining us on this little journey.



Tours and Tickets

October Shows!

So happy to have some great shows coming up in October! CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!      

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