New Video release! FEAR

Published 29-07-20

Morning Folks! Time for a new video release! If you watched The Medicine Show on Saturday, I premiered it then and all new vids will be up first on my youtube channel Please SUBSCRIBE and Leave a Comment.

This is my song Fear from 2019’s The Divided Kingdom. This here film was made by my lifelong friend and collaborator, Dave Prosser. This is what Dave has to say about our his, and indeed our motivation behind this piece.

“After being shocked and appalled by recent goings on I was inspired by the powerful lyrics and mood of the song to make a protest video about the current state of the world and highlighting some of the deep rooted problems with humanity the environment and society.”

‘Our leaders our power hungry. Their continued appetite for war and destruction has devastating effects.”

“Our governments and corporations fail to address these critical issues and make positive lasting changes. The changes they are often implementing, often for their own selfish gain are making matters worse.”

“We are all just surviving on a world that is on edge.”

“It is time to make ourselves aware that it is also our responsibility to commit to change for the better, to be more tolerant and accepting of each other, to help make a world of lasting equal opportunities for all, to take better care of the environment and to protect our natural world for the future.”

Peace, Love and Unity

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