The Medicine Show Volume 2 – 23rd May

Tickets from Here: Hello excellent humans! We want to say a very big thank you for supporting me, The Medicine Show, Skyroom Live and Patchwork Studios. Thank you for buying your tickets and supporting independent music and music venues and really getting on board with the idea of streaming a live show under our current circumstances. It is you guys who are the bedrock of the whole music industry and its is for you that we all do what we do… as well as really enjoying ourselves in the process! We were all part of something quite incredible last Saturday, something of a revolution, brought on by changing circumstances beyond our collective control. What a thing, an HD gig being played in Wigan, streamed to Johannesburg and then on globally to everyone around the world.. independently! The Medicine Show was such fun, we will do it again on the 23rd May.. Part 2! The theme for the next show will be change. “The nature of nature is change” – John May – The Generalist Archive. We live in a permanent state of change, although right now some of these changes are in very sharp focus. Lets talk about that! … Continue reading The Medicine Show Volume 2 – 23rd May