Well hello there Folks!

We hope you are well and happy

We have been somewhat quiet for a while now and to be honest there hasn’t been much going on due to events over the last year. We have all been taking time to concentrate on our family lives and reassessing our outlooks for the future, which has been a very positive experience al in all.

Things are really waking up again now and we have a lot of announcements to make over the coming weeks and months such! There is some really exciting stuff going on behind the scenes here, so watch this space for what looks to be a very exciting year to come!

Lets hope we can all start to get together again soon.

Very much love for us to you!




Tours and Tickets

The Medicine Show Volume 4 – 29th July

Vol. 4 of The Medicine Show folks! Its going to be a very performance based show this time.. gonna jam it out out some and see where we end up.. Get involved, send me messages and lets have a yarn! See you Saturday! Get your tickets from: https://www.skyroomlive.com/  

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